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Special Segment : On COVID-19 with An Immunologist

(Left) Rachel Ana Dobken, (Right) Dr. Jeffrey Hall Dobken, MD-MPH

To the Asbury Park community :

These are unprecedented times. We live day-to-day seeking answers amidst a sea of questions, an over-load of information and a blurring line between fact and opinion about the COVID-19 pandemic.

We feel a duty and an increasing need to do our part, to support the community we call home in any way we can during this time. We take our responsibility as a public broadcast service, with roots in this community very seriously. It's important we use our resources to provide vital information to Asbury Park and beyond in time of need, and as a representative of this city.

Over the past two weeks, Radio Asbury has been working with fellow resident and musician, Rachel Ana Dobken and her father, Dr. Jeffrey Hall Dobken to produce a special segment, called "On COVID-19 with An Immunologist." This segment is based off a Facebook video that Rachel had sent Radio Asbury, where she had interviewed Dr. Dobken about COVID-19. Dr. Dobken is not only an expert in the field of medicine as a licensed Medical Doctor of 40 years, but also in his specific practice of Immunology & Allergy and through his extensive education in Public Health and Environmental Science.

During this segment, Rachel and Dr. Dobken go into more depth about what COVID-19 really is, its ancient history, and most importantly what to do about it, right now.

It is our goal to provide sound education around this event, alleviate any uncertainty possible, and ultimately empower you with clear knowledge around the Coronavirus and COVID-19 moving into the future. We also remind you that together we are stronger in these times, and you are not alone in the fight.

Listen to the segment :

**NOTE: The information provided in this segment is for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. If you have specific medical concerns, require medical attention or think you have COVID-19 you must contact a healthcare professional for evaluation and follow established any protocols that have been set.

Additional Resources:

COVID-19 Resources List :

Dr. Dobken's YouTube channel (Rachel & Dr. Dobken videos) :

Article by Dr. Jeffrey Hall Dobken "COVID-19 Coronavirus Needs Apolitical Truth-Telling" :

Rachel Ana Dobken :

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