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Artist Profile : Waltzer

"Though Waltzer is a Chicago-based project, the sound off their new single “Eugene” is distinctively Pacific-Northwest. With a grungy, Seattleite sound that could be found in a Hole deep cut, languid vocals meet distorted guitars and surprisingly catchy guitar riffs in this project fronted by Sophie Sputnik. The band’s midwestern roots are still apparent, with the track produced by Chicago native Christopher Devlin of band ROOKIE as he blends together heavy instrumentation with a chorus that maintains a solid amount of dive-bar-dancibility. Waltzer manages to reinvent the 90s grunge sound with all of the bright sensibilities that make it the perfect track for rainy summer days."

Waltzer comes to us in a time of need for their grungy sonics and wicked guitar-driven structures. Much to the likes of pioneers Wolf Alice and our new favorite album by The Pack a.d.. Their music lives and breathes, carrying its consumers into a world of somewhat lost art. We expect nothing less from their forthcoming releases and look forward to seeing where they can take us, hopefully straight to the local dive.

Shouts to ROOKIE for saving us all as well, and producing this new single with Waltzer!

[ + ] Radio Asbury

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