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Artist Profile : The Zolas

Listen to Mike D's interview with Zach from The Zolas below!

The Zolas are a 3-piece from Vancouver, BC Canada sporting 90's driven optics and the glorious sounds of Britpop from the same era (think Oasis, Happy Mondays). They've come a long way (literally and metaphorically) since their last album, Swooner was released in 2016 ahead of their most recent album, Come Back to Life (2021) both on Light Organ Records.

“In our jam space we started fucking around with this nostalgic vibe: like a warped

memory of the Britpop music we obsessed over as kids but never got to make.

Eventually it seemed obvious we had to follow that feeling and make an album of

it. I had just come off a long period of writing pop music for other people

[including ‘L.A. Hallucinations’ from Carly Rae Jepsen’s critically acclaimed

album Emotion] and a co-writing trip in Europe [with artists such as Starsailor’s

James Walsh] and it was a spiritual thing to be in a dank room playing loud with

our band again.”

As Radio Asbury sits down with Zach Gray, the band's frontman - we discuss the new single "My Limitations" as well as the muse for such writing. “I’m dead happy just being in this band right now. We love making noise together,

we’re chasing the same vision, and lyrically I’ve never felt more on it,” Gray says

with a brashness straight from the bucket-hatted heyday of Britpop. “It’s nice to

have a Kanye moment where you look at your output and go ‘This is the greatest

shit that’s coming out this year.’ As cute Canadians we tend to shy away from

feeling ourselves like that but it’s the truth" says Gray.

The Zolas played House of Independents in Asbury Park this August, see photos below.


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