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Artist Profile : Petit Biscuit

French producer, composer, and songwriter Petit Biscuit returns on an ethereal new single called ​“I Leave Again”​. Led by Petit Biscuit’s dreamy vocals and production, it comes equipped with a feature from equally forward-thinking artist ​Shallou​ alongside an exhilarating lyric video to match. “I Leave Again” is not only Petit Biscuit’s first single of 2020, but it marks a taste of what’s to come with more new music on the horizon. Opening with Mehdi’s own vocals, the track sees him rise to the forefront as not only producer, but also as songwriter and vocalist. The album as a whole is shaping up to be a true evolution for Petit Biscuit, bringing a new caliber of collaborators into the fold. In addition to Shallou, he has work in progress music from Diplo, Chrome Sparks, and Angus & Julia Stone.  Petit Biscuit explains: "I Leave Again" is about the end of a relationship with all of its nostalgia, but we've tried to turn it into "the song to a new start," with all of the excitement that it can bring​.”  As for Shallou, he remarks: “​In some ways, this pandemic has made musicians from all over the world more likely to connect. These past years I’ve made an effort to connect more in person in the studio. Now that it can’t happen, I feel like a lot of bedroom producers are reaching out again the old way. Petit and I connected on this one online and it was really fun to work on something that feels like a true combination of our sounds.​”  “I Leave Again (feat. Shallou)” is out now via Petit Biscuit’s self-run, wholly independent label​ Écurie.

Petit Biscuit - "I Leave Again" (with Shallou) (Lyrics)


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