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Artist Profile: Bag Raiders

New Album : Bag Raiders - Horizons (Island Records)

"Horizons" documents the journey Bag Raiders have been on since the release of their hugely popular debut in 2010, from club superstardom to world tours and one runaway viral meme. Conceived, written and recorded all over the globe, it serves as a digital collage of more than five years of life, inspiration and experience.

The new album is a maturation from a duo who are, by their own admission, “a little older and wiser now”. While the club banger sound Bag Raiders built their name on isn’t completely gone, it’s tempered by slower, breezier and more introspective tracks. The intention was to steer clear of flavor-of-the-month sounds in favor of something with staying power and substance. The pair also wanted to make an album to suit a range of moods, from new affections (“Lightning”) and lovesick introspection (“How Long”, “I Need You”) to cinematic bravado (“Wild at Heart”) and propulsive late night healing (“Medicine”).

In 2010 the boys shared their beloved self-titled debut album, scoring an ARIA Award nomination and spawning the singles “Sunlight” and “Way Back Home” as well as the massive success of “Shooting Stars”. Now with Horizons, a legendary pair of artists are stepping into a new era.

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